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Thank you for visiting the website of Providence Presbyterian Church. We hope this site will be helpful in assisting you concerning who we are, what we believe, where we are located, and other such information to assist you in getting to know us. As much as this website can tell you about the faith and life of our church, it simply can’t begin to explain the rich fellowship of so many different people worshiping together in the presence and power of God’s grace through the life of the resurrected and reigning Jesus Christ.

God has blessed us with a loving and growing congregation. We witness God’s transforming grace while growing together through in-depth Bible teaching and preaching. We refer to our worship service as a “worship celebration” as we have so much to celebrate in regard to our gracious God.

We invite you to browse our site and learn about our vision and our ministries. Whether you live in the Goochland or Louisa area or just plan to visit, we encourage you to come and see what God is doing in our midst.

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The Session of Providence Presbyterian Church.

Taking a Risk with our Talents

Pastor Karen Witt preached this morning (November 16) on the well-known “Parable of the Talents,” known as the “Parable of the Bags of Gold” in some Bible translations.  Matthew 25:14-30.  In Karen’s telling of the parable, the master praises the risk-taking of the servants who doubled his money and are invited to come and share in the master’s happiness.  In contrast, he severely punishes the servant who hid and played it safe with the master’s money; that servant is thrown “outside, into the darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”  Likewise, Jesus invites us to take risks with the gifts and blessings God has bestowed on us, to love and to share without fear of frightful consequences.  The benefits of following Jesus – getting to share in our master’s happiness – are beyond imagining.

PPC Sermon 11-16-14

Blessing and Brokenness

Reverend Karen Witt’s sermon on All Saints Sunday meditated on the connection between blessings – as Jesus described them in the Beatitudes – and brokenness, with the Lord’s Supper serving as an important and meaningful bridge.  Karen’s message is an encouragement for all ordinary saints who, despite their sins and failings, God blesses and then sends into the world to share His good news.

PPC Sermon 11-2-14

Providence’s New Pastor!

Providence is blessed to have a new pastor, Rev. Karen Witt.  Karen graduated from Union Theological Seminary in May of 2013.  In the ten years prior to attending seminary, Karen served as the Director of Children’s Ministries at Sandia Presbyterian Church in Albuquerque, NM.  During her tenure there, Karen became a Certified Associate Christian Educator (PCUSA) and discovered her gifts for ministry and her passion for including children in the life of the congregation.

Attending Union represented a home-coming, however, as Karen is a Virginia native who was raised in Goochland.  She grew up active in the life of Salem Baptist Church, baptized by immersion when she was eight years old.  Karen graduated from the College of William & Mary with a B.S. in Biology and then pursued a degree in nursing.  She worked for seven years as an RN, mostly in Labor and Delivery.  Karen admits that her life’s path has been long and winding, but notes that there is a common refrain in all of her experiences, played out as compassionate concern for and service to others, and a true desire to make a difference.  Karen states that she is continually amazed by the surprises God has in store for her, and Providence is certainly one of them!  She is awed by God’s steadfast love and provision and has often found great comfort in scripture passages like Romans 8:38-39 that claim this boundless love.

To relax, Karen likes to garden, do yoga, and go for walks with her two Schnauzers, Max and Izzy.  She also enjoys hanging out with her family – her husband, Grant Riley, and her two sons, Forrest, 19, and Taylor, 24.

Providence’s people welcome you, Karen, with gratitude, open arms and great anticipation!

Our Purpose in Suffering

People do not want to suffer, and for good reason.  It hurts – whether the suffering is physical pain, emotional anguish, or both. Suffering doesn’t make us happy.  We hate to see others suffering, and we therefore turn away from it. It is really hard for us to find any good in suffering. Yet scripture tells us there can be great value in suffering … suffering in Christ has a purpose.  Reverend Tony Lin preached on that subject on September 7.  Tony preached from Romans 5:1-8. You can hear his sermon here.

PPC Sermon 9-7-14