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Welcome and greetings to you in the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord!

Thank you for visiting the website of Providence Presbyterian Church. We hope this site will be helpful in assisting you concerning who we are, what we believe, where we are located, and other such information to assist you in getting to know us. As much as this website can tell you about the faith and life of our church, it simply can’t begin to explain the rich fellowship of so many different people worshiping together in the presence and power of God’s grace through the life of the resurrected and reigning Jesus Christ.

God has blessed us with a loving and growing congregation. We witness God’s transforming grace while growing together through in-depth Bible teaching and preaching. We refer to our worship service as a “worship celebration” as we have so much to celebrate in regard to our gracious God.

We invite you to browse our site and learn about our vision and our ministries. Whether you live in the Goochland or Louisa area or just plan to visit, we encourage you to come and see what God is doing in our midst.

In Christ’s Grace,

The Session of Providence Presbyterian Church.

Our Purpose in Suffering

People do not want to suffer, and for good reason.  It hurts — whether the suffering is physical pain, emotional anguish, or both. Suffering doesn’t make us happy.  We hate to see others suffering, and we therefore turn away from it. It is really hard for us to find any good in suffering. Yet scripture tells us there can be great value in suffering … suffering in Christ has a purpose.  Reverend Tony Lin preached on that subject on September 7.  Tony preached from Romans 5:1-8. You can hear his sermon here.

PPC Sermon 9-7-14

Parables about … Seeds?

Chapter 13 of Matthew is chock full of parables.  In the first two, Jesus uses seeds and their planting to tell His disciples and others following him stories about … somewhat mysterious things.  Our guest preacher Lisa Salita preached on what is often called “the parable of the sower” on August 3 and on “the parable of the weeds” on August 10.  You can hear both sermons here.  And come to Providence on August 17 (or return here shortly thereafter) to hear Lisa preach on another of Jesus’ wonderful sermons found in Matthew 13.

God’s View is the Long View

Greetings in the name of Jesus from His people at Providence church!  We were blessed this morning to have our former pastor Tony Lin give the second of a mini sermon series from the book of Ruth.  The scripture passage today was Ruth 4:13-22, which ends with a genealogy from Perez (one of the sons of Judah) through Boaz to king David.  While much of Ruth is told from Naomi’s perspective, this genealogy presents God’s plan and perspective.  After all, Naomi could hardly have dreamt that her great-grandson would be king.  Our lives often work the same way; we may not see God’s hand at work in our current circumstances, but we can be confident that He is in control.  You can listen to Tony’s wonderful sermon on Ruth 4 here.

PPC Sermon 7-27-14

The Faithfulness of Ruth

Providence’s former pastor Tony Lin returned to the pulpit on July 20 to lead our worship service. His sermon, “Faithfulness,” derived from the story in the first chapter of Ruth on the circumstances of Naomi’s return from Moab to Bethlehem, following the deaths of her husband and sons, with her daughter-in-law Ruth. Naomi had a deep understanding of God’s control of events, but she lacked perspective on God’s sovereignty. Despite her mother-in-law’s negativity, Ruth pledged to stay with her and to worship her God no matter what. Tony’s sermon sheds a light on what real faithfulness looks like. You can hear the sermon here.

PPC Sermon 7-20-14

Tony will return to Providence on July 27 with a second sermon based on Ruth, this time the fourth chapter.


Sunday May 18 at Camp Hanover

The Providence worship service on Sunday, May 18, will be held at Camp Hanover, 3163 Parsleys Mill Road in Mechanicsville.  Directions are available at the Camp Hanover web site, http://www.camphanover.org.


Come worship on May 18 at Camp Hanover and join us for worship at Providence on May 25 and every Sunday thereafter!