How Rich Are You?

Every year Forbes magazine comes out with the list of the riches people in the world. And every year people wonder what it’s like to have that kind of money. This year, as we all feel the economic pain we are more vulnerable than ever to be filled with envy at those on the richest list. But where do you really stand as far as your wealth goes? Are you really that bad off? Where do you stand in comparison to the richest people in the world?
Through the wonder of modern technology now every single one of you can find out where you stand in the world. You may go on the internet and pull up the Global Rich List page at On that site you will be asked to fill in your annual salary or your annual budget if you do not have a salary. How much do you make? Members of Providence Presbyterian Church should be proud to know that your pastor is the 155,652,174 richest person in the world! Not bad for a world of over 6 billion! In fact, at $42,000 a year, your pastor is in the top 2.59% richest people in the world. Which means that I am richer than 97.41% of the people in the world.
During this season of giving, please keep this reality in mind. Keep this in mind as you suffer the economic downturn. Remember how “bad” you really have it.

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