This is Worship

The English word for Worship comes from the Old English word weorthscipe. It stands for worthiness or the acknowledgment of worth. Worship is when we see the worth of something we have, have our lives transformed by the realization of the worthiness of that object, and then we are willing to invest everything we have in it. This video is an example.

This gentleman always had this blanket in his possession. But he never knew the worth of it until this moment. So he worshiped. He acknowledged the worth of this Navajo chief blanket. As he realizes the worth of this blanket his life is transformed. He now realizes that his life is completely different. He was a simple man from a simple town, a simple farming family based on what he said. Now he’s a simple man with a half a million dollar blanket.

This is what we mean when we say we worship God. This is worship leading. We lead people to see the worth of God, and as they see the worth of God their lives are transformed. And your life is now completely different because of the worth of God in your life.

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