What are the Gospels?

Some of the things we’ll be talking about tonight…

The Gospels are the first 4 four books of the New Testament. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. They are the four books that describe the life of Jesus on earth. But there are a lot of misunderstandings about what the Gospel are all about. The Gospels are NOT a set of instructions and trying to use the Gospels as a to-do or not-to-do list can lead to a lot of problems. They were not biographies of Jesus. A book that describes certain events in the last 3 years of Thomas Jefferson’s life, and then spends half the book on the very last week of Jefferson’s life, could hardly be called a biography. No biographies, now or ever, would ignore most of a person’s life and focus only on the very last part. They are not history books. The four gospels DO NOT describe the life of Jesus in the same order and they igrnore the larger historical context.  They are not written in any way that a historian would write. And don’t pull a chronological arrogance move and say that they were dumber back the and didn’t know how to write. They knew how to write, read classical Greek literature. They could write, they knew how to collect stories of people’s lives and they knew how to make them make sense, furthermore, people back then knew how to write fiction. They knew how to create fables and legends. And the Gospels looked nothing like the fiction that was written back then.

The Gospels basically focus on the historical events surrounding one historical figure – Jesus. The word Gospel literary means “Good News.” And that’s what Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are about. They are good NEWS. Much like the newspaper news, they report historical events and their relevance to the reader. It was good news indeed that the Gospels were not books of wisdom, teachings, instructions, or divine knowledge. Instead, they are good news. They report what has alredy taken place, and specifically, what has already been done for you.

Join us tonight as we read the first of the Gospels to be written. The Gospel of Mark, with great news for you…

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