Book Swap Reminder

We’re going to start an adult Book Swap/ Koffee Klatch at Providence.

We will meet one Thursday evening a month from 7-9 PM to exchange books, magazines and enjoy a time of adult fellowship. If you have books you are willing to share, please, join us.  All styles and genres are welcomed. Bring fiction, non-fiction, mysteries, romances, self-help/learning , science fiction, fantasy, religious/Christian, westerns, histories, biographies, suspense, you name it!!

We will swap books and this way increase our reading power while saving a few pennies. If you wish your books returned to you, simply put your personal information in the front covers. Include your phone number and e-mail address if you like. If you don’t care if the books are returned to you, simply leave out your information.

Please have your books boxed to be placed on tables. You will be responsible for bringing your books each month as we do not have storage space.

Refreshments will be provided. You may sit in a corner to read a book or magazine; or if you wish, have small book discussion groups. You can just sit and chat after making your selections and have a time of fellowship. This is parent’s night out.

Some books marks will be provided as well as markers that state “please return to owner” for those who wish to retain their books.

We may also have a separate table for general merchandise to be exchanged, such as household items or clothing/accessories that are in good shape but no longer useful to you. Perhaps others could use them. No large items, please, like electronics and such.

If you are interested in joining this group, please let Gail Atkinson or Pastor Tony know. If enough people are interested, we hope to have our first gathering in May. Gail can also get you sturdy boxes if you need them. We would also like to know if you prefer the first of the month or the end of the month.
So think about it and get back to us. We love to read and share; and hope you will feel the same way.

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