One day down, 4 to go…

dsci0623The first day of work was hard and a bit frustrating for the same reason that it was frustrating last year. The day started with a visit to Moses and Myrtle’s house. They were proud to show us their fully furnished house. It was wonderful to see the house we worked on last year being fully used. The tiles we put in and the floors held up well. Myrtle wasn’t doing very well physically, she now needs her oxygen tank full time. The cabinets were nicely in the places where James put them!






Today Bill and Rob, with some help, managed to hang 3 doors in a geometrically challenged house, like the other houses we worked on, 90 degree angles were hard to find. We painted the ceiling on a house and primed and painted most of the house. We should be done with this house by tomorrow and are excited to see what’s next. We were joined by a retired pastor and his son from northern Virginia. Jim cooked us a delicious southern meal. Ham, potato salad, greens, fresh baked biscuits and iced tea. Very nice… very very nice. Now we are too full to move…

Judy felt it was really nice to all work on the same place yet not be on top of each other, and we go to see the result of what we did. We had very good camaraderie.

Lynn is very happy that she hasn’t met Rachael yet, but there’s always tomorrow…

After a hard day’s work Rob, Tony and Samantha (well, kinda) went for a run on the beach. It was a wonderful experience. Very different from running through Goochland Courthouse. Samantha says “Don’t ever run with the boys, they’ll leave you behind.” Tony says “Don’t ever believe Rob when he tells you, “it’s right there man! Just right there. Just a bit more and we go back!”” We were never done…

During the devotions Austin and Skyler led in praise songs and church members shared how they saw God at work today. Teresa was especially moved to see how much things have changed since the first time she came here. Things are so much better yet so much more needs to be done. We still see entire blocks that were wiped out and look just like they were wiped out.

Live shots at 9:27pm MS time.




One thought on “One day down, 4 to go…

  1. Sounds like a great trip! When is Theresa going to make bologna burgers for everyone?
    Water is messed up at church again- James is on it!
    We miss you!!!!

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