Another day of hard hard work

Our power thinking caps helps us figure out really sophisticated and (post)modern tools…

such as the crowbar

We had a good day today. We finished the house we started on and left it immaculate! A group of us went to work on Myrtle’s roof. We were supposed to finish it for her today but upon further examination we found that the current roof was unsuitable for her house and it was leaking water into her bedroom causing a very serious mold problem. Fumed by the injustice of it all, the fact that a nice little lady lost her house to a hurricane… then had a bad roof put on her house… and now almost 4 years after her house was destroyed she still does not have a house. She leaned over to me, out of breath because of her breathing problem and whispered “I just want to get back in my home…”, we overwrote any plan prepared for us for tomorrow and decided to fix the roof for her. Tomorrow morning a crew of “lightweight” adults will be on a roof ripping it apart. A second crew will be painting inside. This will be exciting! Hard work for Jesus!

As for today… we ripped up the ceiling: dsci0643

…killed some mold:



…and nobody knows what Skylar was doing…


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