Last full day… what a day

This was by far the hardest working day we’ve had on this trip. By the end of the day, Jim felt like he was hit by a truck.

We went out to Myrtle’s house early in the morning and began stripping the shingles off the roof. As we lifted the rotted plywood under the roof we noticed that the entire roof was just sitting on the pitch, there was nothing under it holding it up. They put a roof on top of a roof and never supported the new roof on anything. So we had to rebuild the support and literally “raise the roof.” It was backbreaking and seriously dangerous. Many people had close calls, but because the pastor has to be the best at everything, he had the most close calls. Tony almost fell off the roof once, almost fell through the room (into the house) twice, “surfed” on roof (unintentionally) when he stepped on a piece of plywood, and was informed that he almost killed a man when one of the nails he shot went right through the roof and into the house, where an unintenlligent heating and air dude did not use his common sense and walked into a room with holes in the ceiling (that were there before Tony step through it) and things falling through it. It is truly by the grace of God that no one got seriouslly hurt.

Some people on the team noticed that Jim only works with women… first he worked with Cindy… then he worked with Teresa. Jim said “Because I know they’ll work.” He gained a lot of respect for those ladies after the West Virginia mission trip where he saw them work so hard.

Myrtle of course cooked us lunch again, friend chicken and home made fries. Amazingly good!

Bill missed out on the meal and instead went to repair a set of stairs at a person’s house.


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