All Back Safe

We had some finishing work on that roof and clean up of the site, so Rob, Samantha, Austin and Tony headed back to Myrtle’s house on Friday morning. After we finished we rushed back to put everything away only to find out that team 2, who was working on a set of stairs, ran into some problems and took longer than they thought. There was even a minor injury and two bumps to the head/face of the experts at work. Though Tony was never on that site, he was blamed for the accidents. “Tony you wore out the guardian angels on the roof, they couldn’t help anyone else today!” Yes, that’s exactly what happened. The pastor used up all the “get out of the ER free” credits. He spent all our protective credits on the roof and since no bailout came for the Accident Protection Reserves, the parishioners got stuck with the injuries (just another example of the average person is being crushed by irresponsible and incompetent leaders).

We all got back to church at 1pm, ate a quick lunch and headed out as soon as we could. The trip back usually feel faster than the trip there.  We drove stopping only for meals and gas. Cracker Barrel was great. The TA Truck Center was smokey and not so great but the service was good. The lady even made chocolate milk for a couple of people just like you would do at home! It was about 8am when we got to Teresa’s house.

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