Relay for Life


As most of you reading this, Providence church is a  body of believers who has ministered to those afflicted by cancer. As I think of my interactions with church members in the past few years, I don’t believe that there are church members who haven’t been personally affected by cancer. Yet in our midst we have living testimonies of God’s healing power. We have past and current members who are now living and thriving after what was once a death sentence.

As Christians we believe that God cares for both our spirit and our bodies.When God created the world He said that it was good. Our Lord and Savior resurrected physically. Our God does not care for our souls alone. He cares for our bodies and He wants us to care for the physical body, as in caring for the sick. In response we feed those who are physically hungry and we care for those who are physically sick. We do our part in relieving the causes of physical illness. This is why every year Providence Presbyterian Church has a Relay for Life team. Every year we participate in this fund raising event in the hope that some day these fundraisers will be unnecessary.

Join us this Saturday May 16 in the Goochland Elementary School as we strive to be faithful to our call. Donate to the Providence team. Follow this link to donate to any of our team members:

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