Alice Marie Walker (April 7, 1914 to July 21, 2009)

Alice Walker died around 8PM Tuesday evening, July 21, 2009, at Mary
Washington Hospital in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  She was 95.  Alice was
born in Oklahoma to John and Barbara Weber.  She taught high school, and
moved to Washington, DC during World War II to work for the Navy.  There
she met and married Caldwell Royce Walker.  Alice retired from the Civil
Service in 1967 and moved with her husband and son to their home at
Orchid, Virginia in Louisa County.  There Alice continued to develop
warm friendships with all she came to know; she also taught second
grade.  Alice briefly moved with her husband to Alaska to be near their
grandchildren; she returned to Orchid in 1987 (Caldwell had died in
Alaska in 1986).  Alice rekindled old friendships, which she had kept
warm while away, and resumed her life in Virginia.  Alice is survived by
her son, Mark, and granddaughters Suzanne, Sarah, and Annie Laurie.

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