8 years ago today

Every September 11th reminds me of that morning 8 years ago. I was an associate pastor at a church in New Brunswick, NJ. A lot of people from my church worked in Manhattan. Bee-Ca was in midtown on that day, a few miles away from the World Trade Centers. I had gotten up and was sending some emails that morning. The phone rang and an elder from the church called me and said that there was a terrorist attack in NYC. I thougth nothing of it. I honestly thought that she was misinformed or had misunderstood the news. So I continued to finish my email. I eventually made it downstairs and turned on the TV to CNN. There it was. The first tower in smoke. Nobody knew what was going. Minutes later I saw the 2nd plane fly into the 2nd tower.

My thoughts at the moment were for the members of my church, 4 of whom worked in the WTC. One of them was in his office when the first plane hit. The rest of the day were slow and fast. I remember chatting with Bee-Ca online and her asking me to call her mother to tell her she was ok because the phones and cell phone towers were all down in NY. I remember waiting for the recent college graduate who had just started a job on the top of one of the WTC buildings. I remember scanning the faces of people running on the streets hoping to see the people I knew. I wondered what I would say if I had to call the parents of ths young man, who lived in Michigan. I remember praying as the towers came down. I remember praying for the poor souls who did this.

I remember weeks after, going to Manhattan and seeing the still-smoking remains of the WTR from the Empire State Building. I remember waiting in line and walking through the visitor center they built months after. As I stood there and looked down at ground-zero, literally feeling the grace and the goodness of God at a place where such evil had taken place.

As we think of what happened 8 years ago, let’s again remember the darkness of the human heart. A fallen soul is capable of unimaginable evil. But the grace of God is that we do not have to be slaves to sin. We can be free from the bondage of sin… because of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ we can seek goodness instead of evil. So as a tribute to those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001… let us go forth pursuing goodness instead of evil. Let us promote love rather than hate.

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