Louisa Mission Outreach

As many of you know the Louisa Social Services contacted us to help a single mother with her home. She owns a double-wide where the floors have been rotted out leading social services to place her kids in foster care until the repairs have been done.

The church has place the order for the materials we’ll need and it will be delivered Thursday night or Friday morning. We will start work this Friday October the 16th. If you want to car pool we plan to leave the church at 8am (please note: NOT MEET at 8am, LEAVE at 8am) and most of us will be there all day and into the night. The church will provide lunch and dinner on Friday plus breakfast and lunch on Saturday (we can still use some volunteers for the meals right now, please contact Leslie if you know of someone who can get us food).  This is roughly  how the day will pan out.

Friday morning – Move furniture, start ripping out carpets in living room, hallway and two bedrooms.
Install lighting fixtures

Friday afternoon  and night – Begin ripping out and replacing subfloors.

Saturday morning – Continue replacement of subfloors and beging installing laminate flooring
Install rain gutters along the front of the house.

Please dress appropriately for demolition work. The carpet is at least 30 years old so bring masks and goggles. Also, bring your demolition tools if you have them. We will be running in and out of the house so dress appropriately. I believe we’ll have most power tools on site.

If you have any questions or if you need directions to the worksite please feel free to contact the church office.
Thanks for helping!

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