Help Haiti

As you all have heard by now, Haiti has suffered the worst earthquake in 200 years. Haiti is THE poorest countries in the Western hemisphere, a distant last from the 2nd poorest country Nicaragua. (Haiti – GDP per capita $1,614 international dollars. Nicaragua – GDP per capita $2,779 international dollars). It also has the worst AIDS epidemic in the Western hemisphere. All this in a country less than a couple of hours flight from the US.

Providence has a personal connection to Haiti, as do many individuals at Providence. Leslie was there just a few months ago with a medical missions team providing dental and medical care for Haitians. She took these two pictures while in Port-au-Prince. This is the same hotel where the currently missing UN workers were staying.

Hotel Montana, the hotel from which these pictures were taken in Port-au-Prince, has collapsed. If you look closely at the picture all those little white dots are houses. If the hotel, which was the pride of Haiti and the hotel of choice by international dignitaries, has collapsed we can only imagine what has happened to the homes. It is truly heart breaking.

Please join Providence in helping bring relief to those who have and are enduring so much suffering. Here is how you can help:

Pray! Worse than the destruction of bodies and buildings is the destruction of souls. The people of Haiti have been through so much suffering, it is just heartbreaking to think what they have to endure right now. Please pray that the hope of Christ will be with them in the mist of pain and hopelessness.

Providence Church will be collecting a special offering to give to Partners in Health as they continue to provide medical relief for those affected by the earthquake.

The Presbyterian Church (USA) has set up a special account to take in donations to aid in the relief. You can donate through this link:

Haiti Partners is an organization co-founded by Kent Annan, a friend of mine from seminary. I spoke with Kent yesterday night. He was in Miami and is organizing a team to fly over to Haiti ASAP. He will stay in Miami to coordinate and send supplies. The co-director of Haiti Partners was in Haiti when the earthquake hit and is thankfully safe. The two directors will coordinate, one from the US and one from Haiti, to better serve the people there.

Please give generously…

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