Join us in supporting Partners in Health

Partners in Health runs one of the largest community based clinics in Haiti. Because they are located outside of Port-au-Prince their facilities have survived the earthquake and their 100 doctors and 600 nurses were all accounted for the day after the earthquake. They have sent multiple medical teams into Port-au-Prince and are rapidly running out of supplies. The day after the earthquake their team reported that the only thing they had left for pain was aspirin. Their greatest need right now is financial so that they can send medical supplies right away to those in greatest need.

Providence will be collecting a special offering for Partners in Health until January 31, 2010. You can make checks out to Providence Presbyterian Church with “Haiti Earthquake Relief” in the memo or place cash in the special offering box. We will send the money weekly so it can be used right away. You can give directly to Partners in Health at or if you would prefer to donate by mail, send a check with “Haiti Earthquake Relief” in the memo line to:

Partners In Health

P.O. Box 845578

Boston, MA 02284-5578

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