Why Partners in Health?

As we continue to raise funds for the Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund, some might be wondering why we are giving to Partners in Health. There are many wonderful organizations that are doing many wonderful, life-saving things in Haiti and we encourage you to give to any of them. But in choosing which charity to give we had a few guidelines.

  1. Local presence: Partners in Health has deep roots in Haiti. They had many clinics and a full staff at the time of the earthquake. Their clinics and their staff were fully operational on the day of the earthquake and they have been working non-stop. They just needed money to ship more medications and supplies. They were familiar with the culture and had fewer language barriers than a newly introduced group.
  2. Financial efficiency: We stay away from organizations that have large overhead and focus on those that can channel the most money into programs that helps people. Partners in Health spends 94.8% of all they get on their programs (that’s VERY high). Plus, because they already had lines of communication and transportation set up they were able to very quickly use the money for relief efforts. This is also the reason why our Christmas Water money went to Charity: Water.
  3. Longevity:  Partners in Health has been in Haiti for a long time and they will stay there for a long time. We want an organization that will use all our money for long term medical assistance in Haiti.

In that light, as many of you know, once the debris are cleared and the broken bodies mended, there will still be plenty of healing to be done. Children who have lost their parents and parents who have lost their children will have broken hearts that only the love of Jesus Christ can heal. Though many have suffered real pain and real loss, our God is ever more real and the Church needs to be ever more real.

This is a quote from my friend’s blog, Kent Annan co-director of Haiti Partners.

“Finally, I’ve been asked often — when working in Haiti and then during these past few days, how do you keep any hope? My answer, which is burrowed deep in my bones through the privilege of living with, being friends with, watching the courage of, and working alongside many Haitians, is that if they haven’t given up hope, we have no right to. Today I saw on CNN Haitians walking the streets of Port-au-Prince singing hymns and praying.”

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