Modern Day Slavery Resources

This is the video shown in the presentation:
  • Not for Sale by David Batstone
    • Great book that summarizes the work of different ministries.
  • Disposable People by Kevin Bales
    • Pioneer work in research on modern day slavery. It’s a scholarly work.
  • The Slave Next Door by Kevin Bales
    • Eye opener to slavery in our midst. It’s not just something that happens in third world countries. It’s in the suburbs too.
  • Good News About Injustice by Gary Haugen
    • Not specifically about slavery but great book on the Gospel and justice.
  • The Hole in Our Gospel by Richard Stearns
    • Great book. Not specifically about slavery though it includes it. It’s written by the current president of World Vision. You are all welcomed to join Providence in studying this book in the fall.


One thought on “Modern Day Slavery Resources

  1. Learning of this today forever changed me. I can’t begin to descibe how I felt during Pastor Tony’s presentation. BUT what can I do? I really need some guidance because I feel very helpless! How can I help?

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