New year, renewed commitment to communicate with you here

After a long hiatus, Providence’s web presence has returned! Greetings on behalf of the members of Providence church and in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! We will be posting regularly to share information about the activities of our church and its members, how we are experiencing God’s presence in our church community, and ways in which we are following God’s leadership. First and foremost, any visitor to this site should know that Providence’s pastor is the Reverend LoAnn Fairman, who has been with us in a part-time capacity since late Fall 2011 and “upgraded” her role to full-time ministry since January 1. LoAnn has a teaching background, a heart for educating both children and adults, a love of God’s church and its people, as well as energy, wisdom, good judgment and so much more with which she has blessed our little congregation. We will share more here about LoAnn and hope you will get to know her in person!

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