Lotore Haiti Mission Trip: Pure Joy!

A multi-church mission team traveled to our partner community of Lotore, on the island of La Gonave, Haiti April 16-23. We had members from SC and VA- 2 states and 5 churches! We provided a veterinary, pediatric and adult medical clinic in the rooms of St Barnabus school. Providence and Surfside Presbyterian (SC) packaged the medications and All Saints Anglican (SC) paid for them. The Haitian veterinarian brought a student with him… from Va Tech! We treated ~ 320 people and an unknown number of donkeys, goats and cattle. We gave the donated reading glasses to the adult literacy group- they were thrilled! The theme for our trip was “obedience” so we talked and prayed about this during our devotion time. We had such a great trip- our relationships within the community are like family because we return to the same place every four months. The feelings of love and warmth and hope are overwhelming. We see great progress in Haiti and much to be hopeful about. But our remote and rural community lacks adequate food and jobs. Please pray for our vision to begin a lunch program for the children at the school; at least we will know they get one meal a day. Check out Google Earth to see St Barnabus on the map and check out our partnership website on the sidebar under “Blogroll”. May God bless all who helped prepare for this trip! Love, Leslielotore team

School principal took us to see

School principal took us to see a hungry student’s home

The Family Kitchen

The Family Kitchen

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