The Uncontainable, Unstoppable Love of God!

Easter at Providence!  We celebrate the power of God over death in the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and this year we enjoyed the Lord’s Supper as well.  Pastor Karen Witt’s sermon reminded us, however, that the first followers of Jesus to experience the resurrection of Christ first had to suffer a crippling, blinding grief due to his brutal murder … and then were confronted with the unimaginable way in which God moved by raising Jesus from the dead.  No wonder the women finding the empty tomb were left speechless!  How is anyone supposed to act in the obvious presence of God?  Jesus had spoken to his disciples of the Kingdom of God drawing near.  And God speaks even today in the empty tomb with a love that will not be silenced or contained or stopped.  Karen encouraged us to let that uncontainable love of God flow through us to touch a hungry, lonely, grief-stricken world.  Listen to her sermon here.

PPC Sermon 4-5-15

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