Presbyterian Frontier Fellowship

The Rev. Donald Marsden spent Sunday morning (April 19) with us at Providence.  Donald is a great friend of the church and a frequent guest preacher.  Donald is an Associate Director with Presbyterian Frontier Fellowship.  (See  PFF’s vision is “For Every People, An Indigenous Church; For Every Church, A Mission Vision.”  Donald has served churches in Virginia and Pennsylvania as pastor, spent 11 years in Russia as a missionary, and now focuses on inviting folks to become involved in frontier mission.  On Sunday he led the Adult Sunday School Class with an interesting series of questions on the history of church mission work and a presentation on the work of PFF.  Donald then helped Pastor Karen Witt lead the worship of God by proclaiming God’s Word in a wonderful sermon on the role of worship and prayer in frontier mission.  The people of Providence will make a special offering to help support the important mission work that PFF and Donald do in Christ’s name.  Providence is blessed to be able to call Donald a friend, a spiritual guide and a role model of evangelism both locally and throughout the world.  May God continue to bless you and your work, Donald!

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