Lord of the Dance

“Who we think God is matters.”  That may seem obvious when you see it on the page, but most of us seldom consider why our mental image of God — both conscious and subconscious — might matter.  As Pastor Karen Witt noted in her Trinity Sunday sermon on May 31, it matters for both how we relate to God and how we see and deal with the world.  Whatever our deeply imbedded images of God may be, Pastor Karen taught that the doctrine of the Trinity can widen our vision of who God is.  She explained that, contrary to common misconception, the Trinity is not characterized by a Father-Son-Spirit hierarchy or by a God bent on judgment and punishment.  Rather, the doctrine of the Trinity emphasizes loving relationship, fellowship and community among equals.  Pastor Karen invited us to pay attention this week to our mental images of God as we think about and pray to God.  We invite you to listen to Karen’s thought-provoking and encouraging message about our loving Triune God.

PPC Sermon 5-31-15

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