Power in Vulnerability

As a middle class, middle-aged, 21st Century American male, I am bombarded by society, culture, media and other messengers with the admonition — sometimes subtle and other times not — that I should NOT show vulnerability.  To be vulnerable is to let your guard down, show weakness, risk harm, open yourself to ridicule.  Sunday’s gospel lesson, Mark 5:21-42, presents lessons on vulnerability that defy society’s point of view.  The audacious faith of the woman “who had been subject to bleeding for twelve years” and of Jairus, a synagogue leader whose daughter was dying, was born of their desperation and willingness to be vulnerable before Jesus.  Pastor Karen Witt’s sermon delves deeply into the stories of these people and the eternal value of acknowledging our powerlessness to our loving and all powerful God.  You can listen to Karen’s sermon here.

PPC Sermon 6-28-15

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